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Makes a Terrific Gift! An inside look at the world of horse racing with an informative yet comical view of the "Sport of Kings" as seen through the eyes of an owner! Handicappers and racing fans will enjoy this book immensely!

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Welcome to our online marketplace for thoroughbred owners and breeders. Here, sellers can offer horses, shares, stallion seasons and merchandise in both online auctions or in a traditional "For Sale" listing. Auction Bidding Go head to head with other members in our eBay style auctions. Look for the gavel to bid. Make Offer

Look for the Offer Icon for items where you can make offers to purchase that item at a lower price. Your offer may be accepted, countered, or declined. Saved Search Look for the Search Icon after you search or browse a category. Save your search to access later.


Stallion Auctions
Illinois Thoroughbred Breeders and Owners Foundation 2018 Stallion Season Auction has ended. Click Banner for Details

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