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Entrepreneurs Edge - Tapping Into Your Inner Entrepreneur

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The Entrepreneur's Edge - Tapping Into Your Inner Entrepreneur

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These days, the word entrepreneur has become the most over used word in social media. The self descriptive title ‘"entrepreneur” is used too often, mostly without much merit or credibility.

Whether you're fantasizing about leaving the daily grind of "employee-dom" or dropping out of school for what you think is the freedom and independence of "business ownership utopia", you may want to take a moment to first understand your "inner entrepreneur."

Knowing yourself and understanding the "Inner Entrepreneur" (or lack of), may be more important than your vision and even the business model itself.

Doing something entrepreneurial, doesn't necessarily make one an entrepreneur. Simply put, its my opinion that true entrepreneurship is a journey and a lifestyle, rather than merely a single act or destination. It is powered by passion, creativity, purpose, instinct, courage (aka grace under pressure) and a unique charismatic confidence (sans arrogance) to go along with a never give up attitude.

This book will also help you better understand how tho innovate to raise hell and articulate to raise capital in its capital raise section.

Also covered in this book is effective leadership, the power of optimism and tips to help you become more successful in everything you do by following 15 simple daily actions!


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Buy it For:
$20 00

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