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Excuses, Excuses: 100 Reasons Why Your Horse Lost

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100 excuses why your horse lost and we numbered them for you and your trainer!

An inside look at the world of Thoroughbred Racing with an informative and yet comical view of the so called "Sport of Kings"

Handicappers, casual bettors and horse owners can spend all sorts of time and money trying to correctly analyze the field of a horse race. They do this in order to get an edge when wagering on the races.

There are currently several past performance publications and 100's of handicapping systems, computer programs, theories, calculations, tip sheets, etc ,available to those looking to get the edge. The pursuit of such an edge is done for prosperity's sake as well as bragging rights in this culture of horse betters and horseracing aficionado's.

So why is it then, in most cases, the horse that has been selected by the Para mutual betting public as the favorite, loses 3 out of every 4 races? Perhaps that while the general public bases their selections on past performances and certain trends, they are in fact overlooking the many obstacles a horse faces in the actual race itself. Owning racehorses gave me an inside look at the reasons why a horse may lose a race, and the reasons for the loss are left out of most handicapping equations when selecting the bettor's choice.

Owners and breeders will find this book entertaining and informative while handicappers and the casual better will get an inside look at what owners are told after their horse loses a race. 


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Buy it For:
$15 00

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