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8th Annual PHBA Stallion Auction

Click here to access the auction! 

The auction will begin Thursday, January 25, 2018 at 12:01 a.m. 
and end on Saturday, January 27, 2018 at 11:59:59 p.m.

Be sure to register on with a free user account beforehand so that you’ll be ready when the auction goes live. Simply click on the “registration” tab on the homepage to start the process.

For more information please contact Wendi Graham at or 610-444-1050

Please click HERE to read the Thoroughlybred Online Buyers Guide before bidding.


Stallion Standing At
Afleet Alex (LF) Gainesway (KY)
Aikenite (NG) Calumet Farm (KY)
Alpha (NG) Sequel Stallions (NY)
Americain (NG) Calumet Farm (KY)
Andiron (LF) Xanthus Farm (PA)
Bahamian Squall (LF) Double Diamond Farm (FL)
Bandbox (NG) Northview Stallion Station (MD)
Behesht (FR) (NG) Calumet Farm (KY)
Buffum (LF) Northview Stallion Station (MD)
Bullsbay (LF) Northview Stallion Station (PA)
Cal Nation (LF) Kingfisher Lane Farm (PA)
Conveyance (NG) Buck Pond Farm (KY)
Dialed In (NG) Darby Dan Farm (KY)
Divining Rod (LF) Country Life Farm (MD)
D'Funnybone (NG) Rockridge Stud (NY)
Dr Large (LF) Oriskany Creek Farm (NY)
Drinkwiththedevil (LF) Xanthus Farm (PA)
Eclipticalspraline (LF) Diamond B Farm (PA)
Eye Of The Leopard (NG) Calumet Farm (KY)
Friesan Fire (LF) Country Life Farm (MD)
Gemologist (NG) WinStar Farm (KY)
Golden Lad (LF) Northview Stallion Station (MD)
Got The Last Laugh (LF) Diamond B Farm (PA)
Grande Notion (NG) Bean Ridge Farms (WV)
Great Notion (LF) Northview Stallion Station (MD)
Grey Swallow (IRE) (NG) Calumet Farm (KY)
Hakassan (NG) Millennium Farms (KY)
In The Woods (LF) Xanthus Farm (PA)
Jump Start (LF) Northview Stallion Station (PA)
Laoban (NG) Sequel New York (NY)
Lemon Drop Kid (NG) Lane's End (KY)
Liaison (NG) Spendthrift Farm (KY)
Liam's Map (NG) Lane's End (KY)
Madefromlucky (LF) Northview Stallion Station (MD)
Medallist (LF) Northview Stallion Station (PA)
Midshipman (NG) Darley Stallions (KY)
Mineshaft (NG) Lane's End (KY)
Mission Impazible (NG) Sequel New York (NY)
Morning Line (NG) Lane's End (KY)
Mosler (LF) Country Life Farm (MD)
Mr. Sidney (NG) Bean Ridge Farms (WV)
Mr Speaker (NG) Lane's End (KY)
Mr. Z (NG) Calumet Farm (KY)
Musketier (GER) (NG) Calumet Farm (KY)
Niagara Causeway (NG) Buck Pond Farm (KY)
Noble Mission (NG) Lane's End (KY)
Optimizer (NG) Calumet Farm (KY)
Partner's Hero (LF) Castle Rock Farm (PA)
Peace and Justice (LF) Northview Stallion Station (PA)
Perfect Soul (NG) Darby Dan Farm (KY)
Power By Far (LF) Castle Rock Farm (PA)
Producer (GB) (NG) Calumet Farm (KY)
Protonico (NG) Darby Dan Farm (KY)
Raison d'Etat (NG) Calumet Farm (KY)
Ready's Image (NG) Calumet Farm (KY)
Real Solution (NG) Calumet Farm (KY)
Red Rocks (IRE) (NG) Calumet Farm (KY)
Red Vine (LF) Xanthus Farm (PA)
Redeemed (LF) Northview Stallion Station (MD)
Revolutionary (NG) WinStar Farm (KY)
Rimrod (LF) Castle Rock Farm (PA)
Run Away And Hide (NG) Darby Dan Farm (KY)
Shackleford (NG) Darby Dan Farm (KY)
Sky Kingdom (NG) Darby Dan Farm (KY)
Slumber (GB) (NG) Calumet Farm (KY)
Smarty Jones 3 seasons - 1 (LF), 2 (NG) Calumet Farm (KY)
Snapy Halo (ARG) (NG) Calumet Farm (KY)
Southern Success (LF) Xanthus Farm (PA)
Stephanoatsee (NG) Sequel New York (NY)
Super Ninety Nine (LF) Country Life Farm (MD)
Taken By The Storm (LF) Xanthus Farm (PA)
Tale of Ekati (NG) Darby Dan Farm (KY)
Talent Search (LF) Diamond B Farm (PA)
Tapiture (NG) Darby Dan Farm (KY)
Tom's Ready (NG) Spendthrift Farm (KY)
Tonalist (NG) Lane's End (KY)
Tourist (NG) WinStar Farm (KY)
Twirling Candy (NG) Lane's End (KY)
Uncle Lino (LF) Northview Stallion Station (PA)
Unfettered (LF) Xanthus Farm (PA)
Unified (NG) Lane's End (KY)
Uptowncharlybrown (LF) Diamond B Farm (PA)
V.E. Day (NG) Buck Pond Farm (KY)
Victory Isle (LF) Xanthus Farm (PA)
War Correspondent (NG) Calumet Farm (KY)
Weigelia (LF) WynOaks Farm (PA)
Well Spelled (LF) Godstone Farm (PA)
White Mercedes (LF) Xanthus Farm (PA)
Wildcat Red (NG) Buck Pond Farm (KY)
XiXiXi (LF) Xanthus Farm (PA)

All winning bidders are responsible for all shipping and board fees for their mares.

For the purpose of this auction Live foal is defined as a right of return the following year.  If your mare does not achieve a live foal, you will receive one free season to the same or equally priced stallion.

No Guarantee insurance may be purchased through Marsh McLennan Agency (800)669-6330 or through Sterling G. Thompson Co. (502)585-3277.


All checks are to be made payable to: PHBA PAC and sent to:

The Pennsylvania Horse Breeders Association
701 East Baltimore Pike, Suite E
Kennett Square, PA 19348

Purchasers of Kentucky Stallions must include an additional 6% of the purchase price to cover KY sales tax.

Payments are due before stallion contracts will be delivered to winning bidders.



Are you looking for a stallion standing in a particular state? While we'd love to have you peruse the entire stallion list, in an effort to save your valuable time, you now have a new sorting option. In the "search" bar at the top of your screen, enter the two letter abbreviation of the state you're interested in (PA, MD, KY, etc.), hit "Go" and  the website will populate all of the stallions standing in that state! 

The Pennsylvania Horse Breeders Association (PHBA) is responsible for all aspects of the Pennsylvania Breeding Fund, the official registration, marketing, and promotion of Pennsylvania-Bred thoroughbred race horses, as well as the maintenance of the official registry of PA-Bred race horses and Pennsylvania stallions. We are mandated by state statute as administrator of the Pennsylvania Breeding Fund program and as official registrar of the Pennsylvania-Bred roster of eligible program participants.

The mission of the organization is to advocate on behalf of Pennsylvania’s Thoroughbred breeding industry. PHBA is devoted to those involved in the industry, and whether you are currently a breeder, or you are just considering getting involved in this exciting industry, there are many reasons to join our organization. As a not-for-profit organization, founded in 1948, PHBA provides a number of services to its members, including informational assistance, educational opportunities, and a variety of members-only social events.

Additionally, PA-Breds have preferred starter status in all overnight races at PARX, Penn National, and Presque Isle Downs, with the exception of certain races whose specific conditions outline additional preferences, such as certain turf races or starter handicaps. In these races, PA-Bred preference is general to the sub-groups of entrants.

Working with industry leaders over the years, PHBA has achieved several goals that have brought reforms and benefits to breeders, owners, racetracks, and the general public. We will continue to provide representation and advocacy in the state Capitol and at industry gatherings.

PHBA is a vital organization for those involved in breeding throughout Pennsylvania — your support and participation can help us reach our full potential.

Please visit Frequently Asked Questions and Why PA-Breds? to learn more about the Pennsylvania Breeding Fund program or call the PHBA office with any questions.

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Our mission is to represent breeders of Thoroughbred horses in Pennsylvania, assist PHBA members in the improvement of Thoroughbred breeding, and to promote & develop the Pennsylvania Breeding Fund program.

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