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Thoroughbred Neglect And What To Do With Retired Horses!

Posted Thursday April 16, 2009 10:18:26 PM EDT

The problem of horse neglect and abandonment becomes more prevelant during times of financial instability, and before anyone cast a stone, we need to think about what the options may have been for the owners that can no longer afford to keep the horses. It may not be as "clear cut and dried" as one may initially think, to have an owner refrain from just walking away, if no other options exist. We would really like to know what can and should be done when a horse can no longer earn his or her keep, and the owner is faced with a financial crisis that may keep them from doing what they had hoped. What's your solution and suggestions for our readers.       

We at Thoroughlybred are committed to offering our help to neglected and retired thoroughbreds by assisting several horse charities in their efforts to raise funds through our advertising services and auction based website dedicated to the thoroughbred industry. 

We are now using our "Thoroughlybred & Loved" collection to raise money through the sale of our "Thoroughlybred & Loved" wristbands as we will donate a portion of the proceeds ($2.00) of every wristband sold, through May 31st 2009, to the Thoroughbred Retirement Foundation (TRF) in order to help them fund their efforts to care for the 177 neglected horses recently seized in New York State.  

Each of these brown "livestrong" like wristbands is debossed with the words "Thoroughlybred & Loved" with a heart and horse on each side and can be purchased exclusively in our online store here: 


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Comment by windcrystal
IN response to the following request I have posted the comments below it. If there is to be a return to sanity and individual rights it must start with YOU.

Re: Please Help Neglected Thoroughbreds!‏
From: Sales Team (
Sent: Wed 4/22/09 5:26 PM
Why don't you please post this as a comment on the blog for all to see. We are looking for as many useful comments from people that are experiencing this crisis first hand. You would need to register to be able to post the comment. if you'd like we would cut and paste it to the blog with your permission, after you register.
Sent: Wednesday, April 22, 2009 12:50 PM
Subject: RE: Please Help Neglected Thoroughbreds!

I am also filled up with horses and have rescued a number of Arabians, TB's, as well as a mustang or two. Kudo's to any one that can take a bad quality, useless horse of any breed and give it a healthy life. BUT, I am also FED UP with the soft headed- ignorant animal rights activists that are responsible for the current dismal circumstances that THOUSANDS of horses are in. The greater condemnation is for those horse "professionals" who are to stupid to see through the emotionally disturbed wasteland of activists and even horse owners that have no sense of reality. I have loved horses since I was old enough to remember and have bred, trained and competed on my horses since in Jr. high school. BUT there are FACTS that are ignored & intentionally misrepresented that have resulted in the current FLOOD of unwanted horses. The most guilty and most responsible for the suffering and abuse are the morons from PETA and other animal rights groups that have shut down slaughter houses. The Fact is that ALL horses eventually are of no use and of no value other than some sentimental attachment. When they are your means of living and providing for your family they are no different than any other animal. If you can financially afford to keep them for no other reason than that sentimental attachment , then God has blessed you. I have done it with some over the past 35 years, others I have had to put down or donate as feed for exotic cat preserves. It is inherently repugnant and evil that the Government or other ignorant , mentally deficient individuals should have ANY say in what private individuals do with any livestock. The government (BLM )solution in the last few years has been leaning towards killing all the excess horses and dumping them in a mass burial trench, to rot in the ground. That is why GOVERNMENT is never the solution to any problem. That is essentially the same as "animal rights" mentality as well, in spite of the lies they put on TV and in the propaganda they spread. That is also why the misguided "PETA" types go to government with lies and psychotic reasoning to get control of what other people should have the right to do.
HERE is A BRIEF FACTUAL history of Horses used for meat and in particular, Mustangs .
Horse meat was considered mainstream enough for a 1951 Time magazine article to offer tips for cooking pot roast of horse and equine fillets. In 1971 a federal act recognized mustangs as "living symbols of the historic and pioneer spirit of the West," and restricted their sale into slaughter. But the problem merely transformed to a new shape. The BLM never wanted to boost the mustang population but wanted to cut it drastically. Today, the official count of wild mustangs stands at 25,000+, a misleading—and seemingly manageable size. It seems to balance the concerns of private homeowners, cattle ranchers and horse lovers. But an additional 30,000 horses, rounded up but unsold, are in federal corrals at a cost of $20 million to $50 million a year.(GOVERNMENT AT WORK AGAIN) With contraceptive shots too complicated and sale for slaughter legal (a 2004 bill gutted protections) it was "unacceptable to the public," (Actually UNACCEPTALE to PETA) according to Don Glenn, head of the BLM's horse program. The best solution was adoption, which has had little success since it began in 1979. (See current mess we are in) Adoption numbers have been nearly halved over the past decade, just 5,000 animals in 2006 due to overflow of horses from breeders and regulations forced by animal rights groups, depressing the whole industry. NOW there are more than 100,000 unwanted horses each year, including mustangs, according to the Unwanted Horse Coalition, a Washington-based nonprofit. This has led to new solutions—or rather a return to old ones: slaughter. Organizations such as the American Association of Equine Practitioners and the American Association of Veterinary Medicine have come out in favor of selling unwanted horses into slaughter on the ground that IT'S THE HUMANE choice for animals that would otherwise be neglected or abandoned. (IT IS THE ONLY RESONABLE, REALISTIC SOLUTION) It's not like the Disney Channel, when released animals frolic into the wild and find new families. The AAEP welfare organization and many other industry groups are aligned against a proposed federal ban on butchering horses for export—a lucrative business that until a year ago accounted for 26 million pounds of horse meat annually and $40 million in sales, enough to make America the world's fifth largest exporter of edible equine. The ban bill wouldn't end slaughter BUT push the business to unregulated Mexican abattoirs, where workers stab the horses' spines until the animals are paralyzed and ready for slaughter.(Thank PETA & company, for the true results of their stupidity) In spite of this, in 2006, Texas law SHUT DOWN two of the country's three remaining horse-meat factories,. The number of U.S. horses being shipped to Mexico has nearly tripled from 12,000 to over 30,000, in 2007, according to the USDA. (Another issue, but the same USDA that wants to force every horse and other animal to carry a federal ID chip and register your home as a Government premise, see: That number will rise ASTRONOMICALLY, since the remaining plant, in Illinois, closed in September.
IF you sincerely want to help the horse industry and the horses themselves, you WILL promote the opening of slaughter houses around the country because it is an absolute necessity. You will also oppose the absurd use of government coercion ,state & federal, to force National animal ID
All of you that really care about the best for your horses have a lot to consider. Best not take to much time to do it since Peta and other groups that could care less about you are still spreading their lies.
For your information , if you don't want to igore FACTS, the thoroughbred Jockey Club is one of the most hypocritical organizations in the industry. It not only hasn't supported the slaughter houses right & neccesity to exist but DOES support the unethical & invasive NAIS system which will allow the owners of a subsidiary of the jockey club to benefit financiallly (MILLIONS $$$$)if the NAIS program is shoved down the throats of all animal owners in the US.

Dan Golike
Decatur, Texas
(940) 391-5848

Wednesday April 22, 2009 2:18:52 PM EDT

Comment by mikeroxyblue
Comment by docpeay ( Responce)
I couldn't agree with you more.
I live in Pennsylvania, my neighbor got caught burring one and the DEP made him dig it up. We had one founder and it cost us $400. to have him put down and hauled away. We too, are lucky to have the funds to do that but what if we didn't? How many horses are out their that should be put down and the owners just don't have the funds to do so? This has turned into a real catch 22 situation for some horse owners that are just getting along in these tuff times.
Friday April 17, 2009 1:22:42 PM EDT

Comment by docpeay
The world we know is a mess. Our love and conviction's of our industry and all animals are being pushed to the limits, financially and emotionally. I have 18 "pasture ornaments". Most are retired racers. Some are someone else's cast off's. When the time comes , whether it's a health issue or a financial one, I will have them put down humanly and buried. I know this a luxuary for me having the means to do this. Maybe we can find a way for people that have the land and vet's that have the heart to donate or at least discount their land or sevices. It will take large
effort and lots of phone calls but I believe it is the most respectable and dignified way for our friends to go.
Well ??
Thursday April 16, 2009 10:18:26 PM EDT

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