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Who is responsible for the failure of the NY Racing and Breeding Industry?

Posted Monday May 3, 2010 1:07:39 PM EDT

Furthermore the current blogs shows a disdain for the present leadership. Ironically, past blogs and polls show that its been several years that many have felt that the leadership has gone off course, and have become a bit elitist, leaving the smaller breeder behind. Sadly, many are out of business, thus those voices may have been squelched or never be heard from again.

The same leadership however, continues to be in place, and taking full advantage of the circumstances that they, in part have created.

Thoroughlybred has members that are screaming mad, and have asked us to let others know that they are creating a group to look into the actions and/or inactions of the board members of the NYS Thoroughbred Breeding and Development Board as well as the board and leadership of the NYTB. They will be searching for answers and solutions for a healthy environment for breeders going forward. They will not allow their industry to fall, because of the self serving interests of just a few. They will not be diverted by the current financial problems in New York, as the problems and demise has been well documented long before the financial crisis and the current
Governors hardships. If it means a "class action complaint", they have told me that they are committed to exposing the problem in order to correct it.

If you are interested in having your name placed on a mailing list to be contacted to be invited to a potential meeting in Saratoga this coming
August, please e mail sales


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Comment by flowdub
Ladies and gentlemen;
Alas, the comments are true; NY State is in dire straights. The greatest thoroughbred racing venue in the United States, has come down to screwing their own owners of the racing product, to entice owners from other venues to move their horses here. Campo has said all his barns are full; then why so many short fields? Is it his inability to get owner's of horses he has on the grounds, to enter the cards he posts? Is it that some trainers have too many horses in their barn (several trainers have an entire race condition in their barn for several conditions) thus defacto calling the shots at the track? Is the business model of the OTB's killing racing by siphoning off too much of the handle for salaries; leases; utilities; insurance; pentions;etc.. Why should a "teller's" boss make $200k+; have an office fit for a Hazel Dukes; several secretaries, gofers, cars etc. when the breeders and owners; hotwalkers and grooms; are taking cuts (purses) virtually dooming this side of the business, the important side, to the scrap heap. If a teller's "window" is shuttered, doesn't the bettor find an "open" window? he doesn't stop betting, now, does he?
The most egregious part of this all, is that we have a "1" party system right now and yet they still can do nothing. Astounding. You would think that the polititians would at least say to themselves "there's a million dollars a day" sitting there. We can't let another day go by, seeing what kind of money problems the state has in front of it, without getting that money into the states coffers. Meanwhile, both OTB and farm personell as well as owners and NYRA people are being let go. !00,000 state employee's will be furloughed, a day a week anon. These polititians must be furloughed; The Dems for not being able to do anything when in power, and the Republicans, for their silence. The absence of a sitting Senate and House would do less harm than what is now
The horse industry in NY may be gored and wounded; but it will survive. The people in the industry here, are some of the finest peple in the world (not all). Hopefully, we'll elect a government that wil put our industry (all facets of it) in synch with each other and with a goal of being profitable for the private parts of the industry and profitable for the State (NYRA's profits go to the state, don't forget)
Bud Wolf
Monday May 3, 2010 1:07:39 PM EDT

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