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VLT'S In New York: A Longshot?

Posted Monday March 23, 2009 9:13:39 AM EDT

It's really sad to see how politics and poor sponsorship as well as stewardship continually "muddy the waters", in what would seem a no brainer to help NY breeders recoup losses and actually start to profit from the very same concept that has saved racing and the breeding industry in other States. While slots may not be a "panacea" to what ails much of the agriculture in NY state, it should have been at least a help right now. It is really to the point of embarassment that this issue is still talked about in the future tense. What do you think this all means to you and have you been financially harmed by what is turning out to be nothing more than a lure to stay in a business that is screaming to you to get out? What can be done?     


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Comment by llsal
While NY Breeders and owners wait for the golden goose the politicians just go about everything the way it has always been in NYS. Complete ineptitude. This goes for both Republicans and Democrats. I just read where the current corp. is pulling out of the agreement for VLT's at Aqueduct. One reason is the current economy but another was that while negotiating a percentage with this corp. the current gov. had plans to also have vlt's in Belmont. That was never told to the current corporation and would have definitely made for different negotiations. When the Mohegan Sun corp. was contacted again to see if they were still interested their reply was thanks but no thanks, due in large part to Gov. Patterson's previous treatment of them. You can go back as far as you want and see what the politicians do to anything they get their hands on. I remember when the Ali/Fraser fights were in theatres and how they tried to tax the fighters at such a high rate that the fighter pulled out of NY. Politicians in NY will damage anything they put their hands on. Maybe it is time for NYS voters to just throw everyone out and change the guard but then I could say the same thing about the country in general. Until pols start to govern for the peoples interest and not their own or their party then things will stay the same, sorry to say.

Monday March 23, 2009 9:13:39 AM EDT

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