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Pictured Above - Gary Ellebracht and Juliana Whittenburg at the 2007 USEF awards banquet in Lexington, KY.

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Flying Lion Farm is located in beautiful Zephyrhills, Florida. We specialize in breeding a select number of top quality show hunters and race horses. We offer young show and racing prospects for sale and select broodmares are also available for sale. New achievements are posted often; please contact us with any questions or inquiries about our horses and offspring.

The current offerings of thoroughbreds for sale include our listing here on Thoroughlybred. Listings are added often, so please bookmark this homepage and come back often!  

Gary and Juliana were featured in a new section called “A Day in the Life” the USEF magazine. Click here to read the article.

Read the article written about Gary and Juliana in the Horse Capital Digest. Click here to read the article. 


Livin On A Prayer

My search for a young hunter jumper began and ended at Flying Lion Farm. Gary and Juliana provide an excellent variety of breeds and ages availalable for purchase. I was lookng for a horse to start with a calm easy going personality, big bodied, and would reach at least 16.2 hands tall.  I am 100% satisfied with my purchase. Not only were Gary and Juliana patient and helpful at the time of purchase - they have continued to be a phonecall away. I can count on them for help and advice whether it be a breeder registry question, insurance, feeding changes, growth spurts, etc.

In addition to acquiring a spectacular animal..... I gained two honest, sincere, and educated friends in the horse industry.

Jen Easters



My Dusty Valentine

Dear Juliana,
I wanted to send you an e-mail to let you know how pleased and fortunate I feel to have selected My Dusty Valentine to purchase as my "dream horse." He is a dream come true in every way - intelligent, very willing to perform and extremely personable. Did I mention incredibly beautiful? Everyone that sees him stands back in awe and watches him move. My horse trainer and I couldn't be happier. I have no doubt he will take me to the number one spot in the show ring! Many thanks for offering such a fantastic horse for purchase. I am thankful every day that he belongs to me.
Best Regards,
Elizabeth Remling


My Dusty Valentine

Baron Bonaventure

Earlier this year I began my quest for a warmblood yearling. I had looked at many horses on the Internet, but I kept going back to this particular horse at this particular farm. It was Flying Lion Farm in Zephyrhills, FL., and it was there I found this bay colt that really took my eye. He was well-bred and beautiful, so I began a dialogue with the owners of Flying Lion Farm, Juliana and Gary. After several emails and phone calls, I decided this might be the colt I had been looking for, so I decided to fly to FL (from NC) to take a look at this guy. When I arrived on the farm, he was everything they told me he was…and more. I left a deposit the next morning, flew back home, and arranged for transportation to bring him back to my farm. The honesty and integrity of this farm is amazing, especially in the horse world of today. This colt was healthy, current and up to date on all of his medical needs. Since he had been turned out with several other yearlings, he understood herd dynamics and had learned to negotiate his position among other horses in the herd. That in itself was worth a lot to me. I have been tremendously happy with my purchase, and to have met some professional horse folks who not only care about their horses, but care about their clients and the integrity of their farm.      
Dianne Cotter, Asheville, NC

Baron Bonaventure

Barring the Storm - Stirling

I had looked at 21 horses before a came to Flying Lion Farm to look at a two year old thoroughbred.  I really thought he was too young but all the other horses I looked at previosly did not stack up as all of them, even though older bucked, ran off, ran me under trees and was basicly dead to the leg.  This horse now called Stirling was quiet, responsive and had walk trot and canter.  I fell for him right away and when I put my arms around his neck he put his head over my shoulder and pulled me in.  I was sold and am very happy I bought him.  At my age now 55 I was concerned about the purchase of such a young horse but two years later and we are now competeing at hunter shows and he just clocks around the course getting the numbers and flying lead changes.  Next year we will begin to compete at recognized shows and I know I can be successful with Stirling.  I get compliments from trainers and spectators alike every where I take him. 

Thanks Flying Lion Farm


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Flying Lion Farm is located in beautiful Zephyrhills, Florida. We specialize in breeding a select number of top quality show hunters and race horses. We offer young show and racing prospects for sale and select broodmares are also available for sale.

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